Suggestions for Teaching First Gen Students

First generation faculty can:

  1. Identify yourself as first-generation on the first day of classes each quarter and invite students (first generation or otherwise) who would like to learn more about your academic journey to attend office hours.  
  2. Initiate conversations with other first-generation faculty in your department and college or school, and identify student outreach opportunities with your department or college.
  3. Add your profile to the directory and consider submitting your story to the #FirstGen project. Email for more information.


All faculty can:

  1. Make a positive statement about the high percentage of ‘first gen’ students at UC Davis and express interest in supporting their success.
  2. Learn about issues confronting first generation students by reading the research
  3. Familiarize yourself with support services available on campus and encourage first-generation students to make use of those services.

CEE's Supporting First-Generation University Students Series


The Center for Educational Effectiveness offers a resource in three parts:

  • Part 1 focuses on general strategies for supporting the success of first-generation students.
  • Part 2 offers a number of specific teaching strategies that you can implement in your own classroom.
  • Part 3 discusses strategies for fostering social integration for first-generation students.
  • Part 4 provides tips for fostering social and community Integration.
  • Full PDF