PBS NewsHour Why first-generation students need mentors who get them.

When Jennine Capó Crucet was a college freshman, her parents stayed for her entire orientation. It wasn’t because they especially wanted to; they just didn’t know what they were meant to do. As a first-generation college student, Crucet was not aware of the norms understood by most of her peers. Now a novelist and professor, she gives her take on what first-generation students need.


UCLA's First to Go First Generation Faculty Initiative

The University of California (UC) serves large numbers of first-generation college students:  Nearly half of in-state students who began their studies on UC campuses in fall 2016 are the first-generation in their families to attend college. The First-Generation Faculty Initiative aims to elevate the visibility of UC faculty and academic leaders who were themselves first-generation college students. The main purpose of the initiative is to foster a sense of belonging that can boost retention and success rates among UC's first-generation students.


At UCLA, first-generation students make up nearly one-third of the undergraduate population. But in addition, more than 150 UCLA professors (and counting) proudly identify as former first-generation college students. These faculty members are sharing their stories to offer support and encouragement to first-generation Bruin.


First Generation College Students Inspire Others in First-Gen Roadtrip

Through a partnership between the College Board and Roadtrip Nation, four FirstGen students spent their summer travelling across the country and interviewing successful professionals who were also the first in their family to graduate from college.


Bringing Cultural Context and Self-Identity into Education: Brian Lozenski at TEDxUMN

Brian Lozenski is a doctoral student in the Culture and Teaching program at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on youth participatory action research as an educational project that positions youth as agents of societal transformation. Prior to enrolling at the University of MN, he taught secondary math for eight years in public schools in Philadelphia, PA and St. Paul, MN. Brian has combined his work as an educator dedicated to social justice with his passion for community organizing and music. Brian is currently developing a youth research partnership between the U of M and a local non-profit.


What It's Like to Be a First Generation College Student

Three first generation college students are asked what the label means to them. Madison Mills (2015).


Giving Back to the Community

First generation college student, Rosa (Rosy) Maria Martinez, shares why she is passionate about working at the UC Davis Food Pantry.