Seeking Grad Mentors for First Gen Students

Grad Student Mentors

Grad Student Mentors

Remember when you were a first generation college student and the idea of doing research and going to grad school was new and daunting? We're seeking grad students who can help first gen college students navigate the pathway to graduate studies. From teaching the fundamentals -- What does research in your field look like? How can students get involved? What is peer review? What is graduate school? How do you apply?  -- to helping students find a spot in a lab or project that matches their skills and interests, you are providing a bridge to the student's next steps. 

Graduate student mentors will receive a stipend of $200 on completion of the quarter. 

Apply to be a grad student mentor - deadline is October 8


  1. Duration: Work with your mentee for at least one academic quarter. If it’s a productive relationship, you’re welcome to continue, but the stipend is only available for the first quarter. 
  2. Proactively connect at least once a month -- could be in-person, via email or Zoom -- and commit to expectations set with mentee (initial outreach should be initiated by the mentee however you can always encourage/remind the student).
  3. Serve as mentors to current UC Davis students about navigating their University and graduate school path through first hand advice. Listen with respect and openness. 
  4. Use personal and professional experiences as a first-generation college student to support and provide insight into resources, career exploration, and professional development
  5. Help students develop their graduate school application by providing advice on GRE, interview advice, letter of recommendations, etc 
  6. Help students recognize how their university experiences translate into desirable professional skills.  
Application Process & Timeline:

Week 2: Mentees are matched 
Week 3: Mentees reach out to mentor
Weeks 3-9: Mentors and mentees meet biweekly, 4-5 times, during the quarter. 
Week 10: At the end of the quarter, we ask that all mentees and mentors complete a survey.

Mentor pairs are free to continue meeting on their own after the quarter ends, but stipends are not available after the first quarter. 

Criteria for Grad Student Mentors:
  • Be currently enrolled as a graduate student at UC Davis
  • First Generation college graduate (you were among the first generation in your family to earn a four-year college degree)
  • You have time to meet (in person or via Zoom) at least every other week during fall quarter