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Six Tips to Get Through Remote Classes

UC Davis senior Orey Aderibigbe has a message for her fellow Aggies: "We got this. We're gonna do this!" We're all in this together. Here are Orey's Six Tips to Get Through Remote Classes.  

1) Use a Planner or Agenda.

You can write down your test dates, your quiz dates, homework due dates, all in one little book!  It's good to keep all of your due dates in written form so you can see them. Right when you get your syllabus, automatically write down due dates in your agenda book.

2) Print Your Syllabus. 

Your syllabus is where the class guidelines, due dates, rules, grade percentages...everything you need for the class. Of course it will be online, but it's always nice to have your syllabus in paper form so you can refer to it just in case.

3) Check your Email.

We're going to get so much important information in our emails! All the information that professors would normally give us in class will be sent to us in our email or over Canvas or some other digital medium. Keep up with your inbox, delete emails you don't need, star emails you need to find again, and make sure you're staying on top of everything because you don't want to miss out on any emails that will be critical for your class.

4) Don't Do Your Work On Your Bed.

Just don't do it! Do it in your dining room, at your desk if you have one, on the floor, stand up ... just don't do it on your bed. You're going to fall asleep.

5) Log on Every Day and Stay Up-to-Date.

Even on days when you don't have class, read your announcements, check the calendar, check your email...it's never going to hurt you to consistently check. And if you don't check consistently, you're going to miss something.

6) Communicate with Your Professors. 

This is the most important tip! Communicate with your instructors just like you normally would if we were taking in-person classes. Whether you use email, Zoom, Canvas, or some other way, always communicate. Ask them questions! Ask questions early on so your professors know who you are. Make your presence known. Make sure they know you're interested in the class and that you want to do well. It's going to be new for all of us, so it's important to communicate.

Want to hear more from Orey? Catch her Study Tips on her YouTube channel


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